Sunday, December 7, 2014


Run Power For Import and export

we are in the second hand Textile machinery business and we could offer looms mainly from Sulzer, Dornier, nuovo pignone, Vamatex picanol etc.. and other Textile machines like:
-Second hand Knitting machines
-Flat Knitting Machines
-Hand flat and Border flat Machines
-Circular Knitting Machines7Mayer/Sulzerr Morat etc......
-Knitting Machines for Socks and Stockinngs
-Auxiliary Machines for Knitting
-Steamers and Setters (finishers)
-Chain-stitching Machines
-Lockstitch machines
-Gripper Looms
Kindly inform us by return if the above will be of your interest
We are proud to serve our customers worldwide!

We would like to thank all our customers, our Dealar , distributors and Agents, our suppliers, our manufacturers, our friends around the world for the great supports we have received in the import export efforts, we assure you we will continue to do our best for the success of your business.

Run Power is a source of import, export, wholesale, distribution a selected line of Used Textile Machinery And Used Looms .


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