Friday, January 1, 2016



We are international textile machinery dealers based in Egypt. We are the largest dealers in Egypt, and one of the most active in Europe, offering our clients a full range of textile machinery, from blow rooms to finishing lines, and we are particularly specialized in cotton spinning and spinning preparation. We also sell complete lines, and spares for our machinery.
A small selection of machinery we deal in:
Blow rooms
Trutzschler, Rieter, Marzoli, Hollingsworth
Trutzschler DK 740, DK 760, DK803, DK903, TC06, TC 07
Rieter C1/3, C1/4, C4, C50, C51, C60
Marzoli, Crosrol, Wirkbau and others

Draw Frames
Rieter SB, RSB series
Rieter, NSC
Open End Spinning
Schlafhorst Autocoro SE8, SE9, SE10, SE11
Elitex BD series
Rieter R1, R40, BT series

Ring Spinning
Zinser 319, 321, Rieter

Twisting and Winding
Autoconers 238, 338,  Savio Espero, Orion, Volkmann  VTS09

Weaving Preparation
Sulzer Dornier, Picanol, Somet (projectile, rapier, airjet, cam. Dobby, jacquard)



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